Approximately 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa lies an island nation known as Mauritius that gives off the illusion of an underwater waterfall at the southwestern tip of the island. The visually deceiving impression, created in the water due to the runoff of sand and silt deposits, is especially effective and breathtaking in aerial shots. In fact, the illusion can even be seen on Google Maps.

"I don’t know, I’m literally the most awkward, socially strange person."

Elena Gilbert outfits in season six: 6.02 “Yellow Ledbetter”.

Nicki’s reaction after seeing Ellen’s ‘Anaconda’ video. (x)

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Here I’ve compiled a total of #551 GIFs of the beautiful Meghan Markle. She’s known mostly for her role as Rachel on Suits, and she’s extremely underused. None of the following gifs are mine, so feel free to ask politely for credit if you spot one or two that are yours. Enjoy!


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